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In our quest to bring you the best in independently produced wines, we will regularly highlight a producer who has really tickled our taste buds.  Our current featured producer hails from the sunny south west of France and the resurgent Languadoc region


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Domaine Balliccioni


Grape Opportunities are very pleased to offer the wines of Domaine Balliccioni exclusively to the UK market. Founded in 1998 and one of the finest Domaines in the Faugeres Commune, Domaine Balliccioni is a small family run Vineyard producing excellent examples of Languadocian wines. Mr Balliccioni produces wines that are not only deep in flavour but also varied in taste. The terroir used throughout the range produces wonderful and classic Faugers, but also excellent examples of white and rose wines. As well as the excellent and complex premier Wine - Kallista.  Grapes used in these wines include Granache, Chardonnay, Carignan, Mouvedre, Syrah and Cinsault, expect a classic depth of flavour with a strong influence of dark fruit on the nose, coupled with a spicy finish.  Domaine Balliccioni is the favoured producer of grape opportunities.


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